The tutorials are designed to introduce into programming with VgaGames.
They are based on each other.

The #include files are not shown, you always have to include:
  #include <vgagames2.h>

Using window-, key- and mouse-functions

 - tut-window0.html: using ESCAPE-key to come to the VgaGames-system-menu
 - tut-window1.html: using keys, difference between LONGKEY and SHORTKEY
 - tut-window2.html: using mouse

Using drawing-functions
 - tut-drawing1.html: fill out a box
 - tut-drawing2.html: draw a sunnyboy

Using bitmap-functions
 - tut-bitmap1.html: create a bitmap with a sunnyboy
 - tut-bitmap2.html: saving and loading a bitmap
 - tut-bitmap3.html: running bitmap from left to right
 - tut-bitmap4.html: rotated and zoomed bitmap

Using font- and text-functions
 - tut-font1.html: drawing text, two possibilities
 - tut-font2.html: drawing text language-dependend

Using color-functions
 - tut-color1.html: changing colormap

Using sprite-functions
 - tut-sprite1.html: create and show a sprite

Using film-function
 - tut-film1.html: c-code for showing a film
 - tut-film2.html: film-files for showing a simple film
 - tut-film3.html: film-files for showing a more complex film

Using sound-functions
 - tut-sound1.html: playing sound
 - tut-sound2.html: playing firing sound
 - tut-sound3.html: grouping sounds together

Using network-functions
 - tut-network0.html: example from intro-network.html
 - tut-network1.html: moving sunnyboys
 - tut-network2.html: moving sunnyboys, common datestring

 - tut-game.html: example game