VgaGames 3 - Miscellaneous man-pages

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Show an menu-box for selecting an element.
int VG3_input_select(void *wstruct, int fcolor, int bcolor, const char *text, char **felem, int onleft)

wstruct Window-struct
fcolor Foreground color (from VGAG3_COLORS or VGAG3_COLOR_CUSTOM)
bcolor Background color (from VGAG3_COLORS or VGAG3_COLOR_CUSTOM)
text Title text
felem A null-terminates field of strings for selection
onleft Left orientated instead of centered elements

Returns integer: - >=1: OK - number of selected element - 0: No selection because of pressing escape-key - -1: failure - -2: Got request for closing the window and exiting the game

On error VG3_errmsg() returns: EINVAL - error in argument ENOSYS - cannot create image ENOMEM - cannot get memory

Show an menu-box on top of the actual window, in which the passed elements of strings are shown for selection. Pressing the return-key selects the current highlighted element returning the element-number, pressing the escape-key discards selecting and returns 0. Navigate with the cursor-keys cursor-up and cursor-down. The current background image will be dimmed out and used as background for the box. The background color bcolor may be VGAG3_COLOR_TRANSPARENT. A deactivated element may be passed by prepending an exklamation mark (!), e.g. "!Not selectable". This element will be shown in a grey color, but cannot be selected.

VG3_draw_textline() VG3_input_box() VG3_output_text()