VgaGames 3 - Miscellaneous man-pages

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Draw a text-line, updating the position for the next text-line.
void VG3_draw_textline(void *wstruct, void *imgdst, struct vg3_rect *txrect, int nlz, struct vg3_text *stxt, int fcolor, int bcolor, int bwall, int maxlines, int txori)

wstruct Window-struct
imgdst Destination image to draw onto, or NULL = window
txrect Rectangle on the destination image into which the text-line is to be put,
if all elements are set to 0, the whole image/window is used,
the elements y and h will be updated onto the next line
nlz Breaking character after which a newline may begin (usally space)
stxt Text-line (which may also contain line-breaks)
fcolor Foreground color (from VGAG3_COLORS or VGAG3_COLOR_CUSTOM)
bcolor Background color (from VGAG3_COLORS or VGAG3_COLOR_CUSTOM)
bwall How to use background color: 0 = only for text, 1 = for whole line in the rectangle
maxlines Maximal number of lines for the text-line (because of line-breaks)
or 0 = no limit
txori Text orientation:
0 = left orientated
1 = centered
2 = right orientated

Draw a text-line. After the call of this function txrect will be updated for the next text-line to be drawn. The text-line may contain line-breaks, so that the text consists actually of more than one line. With the parameter nlz a long text-line will be automatically line-broken before reaching the right border of the rectangle. With this function a block of text can simply be drawn.

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