vg_key_pressed() - check whether a key is pressed

  int vg_key_pressed(int key, int type)

  Check a certain key with this function
  to figure out whether it is pressed or not.
  The key argument is a "KEY_*" of the list below, which indicates
  the key to be checked.
  The type argument is:
   - LONGKEY:  return "pressed" while you press the key
   - SHORTKEY: return "pressed" only the first time you press it
                      (then you have to release the key and press it again)

  You press the key "A" and keep it pressed
  call to vg_key_pressed(KEY_A,LONGKEY) returns 1 (pressed)
  call to vg_key_pressed(KEY_A,LONGKEY) again returns 1 (pressed)
  call to vg_key_pressed(KEY_A,SHORTKEY) returns 1 (pressed)
  call to vg_key_pressed(KEY_A,SHORTKEY) returns 0 (not pressed)
  You release the key "A"
  call to vg_key_pressed(KEY_A,LONGKEY) returns 0 (not pressed)
  call to vg_key_pressed(KEY_A,SHORTKEY) returns 0 (not pressed)

  KEY_0      "0"
  KEY_1      "1"
  KEY_2      "2"
  KEY_3      "3"
  KEY_4      "4"
  KEY_5      "5"
  KEY_6      "6"
  KEY_7      "7"
  KEY_8      "8"
  KEY_9      "9"
  KEY_A      "A"
  KEY_B      "B"
  KEY_C      "C"
  KEY_D      "D"
  KEY_E      "E"
  KEY_F      "F"
  KEY_G      "G"
  KEY_H      "H"
  KEY_I      "I"
  KEY_J      "J"
  KEY_K      "K"
  KEY_L      "L"
  KEY_M      "M"
  KEY_N      "N"
  KEY_O      "O"
  KEY_P      "P"
  KEY_Q      "Q"
  KEY_R      "R"
  KEY_S      "S"
  KEY_T      "T"
  KEY_U      "U"
  KEY_V      "V"
  KEY_W      "W"
  KEY_X      "X"
  KEY_Y      "Y"
  KEY_Z      "Z"
  KEY_KP_0   Keypad 0
  KEY_KP_1   Keypad 1
  KEY_KP_2   Keypad 2
  KEY_KP_3   Keypad 3
  KEY_KP_4   Keypad 4
  KEY_KP_5   Keypad 5
  KEY_KP_6   Keypad 6
  KEY_KP_7   Keypad 7
  KEY_KP_8   Keypad 8
  KEY_KP_9   Keypad 9
  KEY_TAB    Tabulator
  KEY_RCTRL  Right Control
  KEY_LCTRL  Left Control
  KEY_RALT   Right Alt
  KEY_LALT   Left Alt
  KEY_SPACE  Space
  KEY_ENTER  Return
  KEY_BSP    Backspace
  KEY_RCURS  Right Cursor
  KEY_LCURS  Left Cursor
  KEY_UCURS  Up Cursor
  KEY_DCURS  Down Cursor
  KEY_F1     F1
  KEY_F2     F2
  KEY_F3     F3
  KEY_F4     F4
  KEY_F5     F5
  KEY_F6     F6
  KEY_F7     F7
  KEY_F8     F8
  KEY_F9     F9
  KEY_F10    F10
  KEY_F11    F11
  KEY_F12    F12
<== RETURN VALUE ============ If the key is pressed, it returns 1, if the key is not pressed, it returns 0. SEE ALSO ======== Index Understanding window and key vg_key_discard() vg_key_update() vg_mouse_found() vg_mouse_x() vg_mouse_y() vg_mouse_pressed() vg_mouse_speed()