vg_film_position() - get exact position of a running film

  void vg_film_position(int * pos1, int * pos2, int * pos3)

  This function is more a function for testing purposes than for real life.
  Calling it in your subfunction you passed as 3.parameter to vg_film_play()
  it will return the exact position of the film at that moment.

  All three parameters are only return-parameters, their initial values
  are unimportant.
  pos1 returns the actual line of the film-file
    (comment-lines and empty lines are not counted)
  pos2 returns the actual "number of repeats", the first number in
    every line of the film-file.
  pos3 returns the actual number of the
    number of loops of the picture-file,
    the parameter "loop()" of the picture-file

  Every picture-file is shown the time in milliseconds you pass
  to vg_film_play(). This is one loop.

  But the picture-file may be shown again, if its parameter "loop()" has an
  argument greater than 1, e.g. if it is 3, then this picture-file is
  shown three loops. This is reflected in pos3 (1 to 3).

  This picture-file may be loaded again, if the "number of repeats" in the
  film-file is greater than 1, e.g. if it is 5, then this picture-file
  is loaded 4 more times. This is reflected in pos2 (1 to 5).

  Then the next line of the film-file is interpreted, which loads another
  picture-file. This is reflected in pos1 (line number).

  No value is returned.

  Understanding film