Thematical index of functions

 - Initalizing, window-, key- and mouse-functions
   (used to create and use a window and to process key- and mouse-input)
   see intro-window.html: understanding window and key
   vg_init_vgagames(): initialize VgaGames

   vg_window_open(): create window/switch to graphic-mode
   vg_window_flush(): flush out window to visible screen
   vg_window_close(): close window/restore text-mode

   vg_key_discard(): discard input from key and mouse
   vg_key_update(): get input from key and mouse
   vg_key_pressed(): check whether a key is pressed
   vg_mouse_found(): check whether a mouse is found
   vg_mouse_x(): return mouse x-position
   vg_mouse_y(): return mouse y-position
   vg_mouse_pressed(): check whether a mouse-button is pressed
   vg_mouse_speed(): set mouse-speed

 - color functions
   (used to modify your 256 colors)
   see intro-color.html: understanding colormap
   vg_load_colormap(): load a colormap
   vg_color_index(): return best color-index of predefined colorname
   vg_brightness(): change brightness of actual colormap

 - font and text functions
   (fonts are loaded by vg_bitmap_createfromtext() and vg_draw_text())
   see intro-font.html: understanding fonts and text
   vg_font_width(): return font-width of given fontname
   vg_font_height(): return font-height of given fontname
   vg_get_textformat(): translate text

 - bitmap functions
   (bitmaps are the essential objects, your predefined pictures.
    The recommended format is VgaGames-format because of speedness.
    You can use the program "vgag-bitmap", shipped with this library,
    to convert windows-bitmap (.bmp) or PPM-fileformat into VgaGames-format
    and vice versa, or to show the colormap of a VgaGames-bitmap.
    Use the "netpbm" package (see to convert PPM
    into many other formats and vice versa.
    The window instead of a bitmap is represented by the "NULL"-bitmap.
   see intro-bitmap.html: understanding bitmaps
   vg_bitmap_createnew(): create an empty bitmap
   vg_bitmap_createfromfile(): load a bitmap from file
   vg_bitmap_createfromtext(): create a bitmap containing text
   vg_bitmap_duplicate(): duplicate a bitmap
   vg_bitmap_width(): return width of a bitmap
   vg_bitmap_height(): return height of a bitmap
   vg_bitmap_getpixel(): return color-index of a pixel of a bitmap
   vg_bitmap_clear(): clear a bitmap
   vg_bitmap_copyto(): copy a (part of a) bitmap into another one
   vg_bitmap_save(): save a bitmap into a file
   vg_bitmap_rotate(): rotate a bitmap
   vg_bitmap_zoom(): zoom a bitmap
   vg_bitmap_mirror(): mirror a bitmap vertically or horizontally
   vg_bitmap_overlap(): check whether two bitmaps overlap
   vg_bitmap_free(): destroy a bitmap

 - drawing functions
   (modify bitmaps or draw directly into the window)
   see intro-drawing.html: understanding drawing
   vg_draw_text(): draw a text
   vg_draw_pixel(): draw a pixel
   vg_draw_line(): draw a line
   vg_draw_box(): draw a (not) filled rectangle
   vg_draw_circle(): draw a circle
   vg_draw_fillout(): fill an area with a color

 - sprite functions
   (a sprite can be considered as an animated bitmap.
    It consists of a number of bitmaps each with a number of
    how many loops to exist. Sound is also possible.
    vg_sprite_getnext() returns these bitmaps in the right order.
    One bitmap lasting one or more loops, eventually with a sound,
    is called a sprite-element.
   see intro-sprite.html: understanding sprites
   vg_sprite_createnew(): create an empty sprite
   vg_sprite_createfromfile(): load a sprite from file
   vg_sprite_add(): add a sprite-element to a sprite
   vg_sprite_duplicate(): duplicate a sprite
   vg_sprite_rotate(): rotate a sprite
   vg_sprite_zoom(): zoom a sprite
   vg_sprite_mirror(): mirror a sprite vertically or horizontally
   vg_sprite_getnext(): return next sprite-bitmap
   vg_sprite_getcurrent(): return current sprite-bitmap
   vg_sprite_reset(): reset a sprite to the beginning
   vg_sprite_free(): destroy a sprite

 - film functions
   (a film is a sequence of pictures and sounds without your interaction,
    it can't be created on-the-fly, only loaded from file.
   see intro-film.html: understanding film
   vg_film_play(): load and play a film
   vg_film_position(): get exact position of a running film

 - sound functions
   (sound is played in the background, more than one are mixed together)
   see intro-sound.html: understanding sound
   vg_sound_startserver(): start sound-server
   vg_sound_endserver(): exit sound-server
   vg_sound_attach(): load a soundfile
   vg_sound_play(): play a loaded soundfile
   vg_sound_paus(): pause a playing soundfile
   vg_sound_cont(): continue a paused soundfile
   vg_sound_pate(): pause a soundfile when it ended
   vg_sound_catb(): continue an ended paused soundfile
   vg_sound_stop(): stop a playing soundfile
   vg_sound_gclr(): clear a soundfile-group
   vg_sound_gadd(): add a soundfile to a soundfile-group
   vg_sound_gdel(): delete a soundfile from a soundfile-group
   vg_sound_volm(): change volume
   vg_sound_volumename(): install volumename (for menu)

 - network functions
   (support for multiplayer)
   see intro-network.html: understanding network
   vg_nw_setplayer(): only master: set number
   vg_nw_startserver(): only master: start network-server
   vg_nw_connect(): only clients: connect to network-server
   vg_nw_waitforconnects(): wait for all other connects
   vg_nw_setvar(): define a network variable for player-data
   vg_nw_getvar(): return a network variable for player-data
   vg_nw_setcommon(): define a network variable for common-block
   vg_nw_getcommon(): return a network variable for common-block
   vg_nw_dumppacket(): debugging: dump network variables to stdout
   vg_nw_sendinit(): only master: send initial data
   vg_nw_recvinit(): only clients: receive initial data
   vg_nw_myplayer(): return number of own player
   vg_nw_maxplayer(): return number of players
   vg_nw_virtualplayer(): return number of beginning of virtual players
   vg_nw_isalive(): return whether a player is alive
   vg_nw_recvkeys(): only master: get keystrokes from client
   vg_nw_keypressed(): only master: check pressed keys of client
   vg_nw_mousepressed(): only master: check pressed mouse-buttons of client
   vg_nw_mousex(): only master: return mouse x-position of client
   vg_nw_mousey(): only master: return mouse y-position of client
   vg_nw_senddata(): only master: send data for a client
   vg_nw_sendcommon(): only master: send common-block
   vg_nw_setdead(): set player dead
   vg_nw_dumpsprite(): master: return dump of sprite
   vg_nw_undumpsprite(): clients: set sprite counter according to dump
   vg_nw_close(): close connection to network-server

 - miscellanous functions
   vg_wait_time(): wait rest of loop-time
   vg_menu_volume(): call a menu to set sound-volume
   vg_menu_language(): call a menu to set language
   vg_timestamp(): return actual time (min,sec,millisec)

 - compiling your game with VgaGames
   see intro-compile.html